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Auto Capitalize tool helps you to streamline articles, journals, or any other writing script. Punctuation is a very important element of any language; without it your draft or writing seems meaningless or unprofessional. Sometimes it happens when writer misses the first character capital in his writing so this tool will assist him in writing.

There is nothing more awful than unintentionally neglecting to underwrite the principal expression of a sentence is a significant letter or correspondence you have to convey. Your composition seems amateurish or unprofessional without basic punctuation. Leaving the first character of a sentence small isn't the good impression of your script that you want to convey. It's therefore we have made this automatic-capitalization tool.

This tool does precisely according to its purpose of auto capitalization. If you have already any draft of the composition, you can just copy and paste your writing here, this tool will quickly reorder your first letter of every new sentence. On the off chance that you just don't care for hitting the "shift" or “Caps lock” keys when you are composing, you can type directly into the tool and it will make each letter after a sentence closes without hitting keys.

Additionally, this tool furthermore auto capitalizer the word "I" when it's accidently composed as small "i" starting or during the sentence. This incorporates conjunctions that incorporate "I, for example, I'm, I've, and I'll. This is another reason it tends to be hard to get these capitalization mix-ups and why this auto-capitalization device can be so valuable.

Even when you are proofreading any text or writing script, sometimes it hard to find out these minor errors. So, this auto-capitalize tool helps you to correct these small character errors automatically. We're continually trying to improve our tools and make them applicable to the individuals who use them.

You can use the “Suggest a Feature” linkage at the main page of The Word Count for this persistence. On the off chance that there is a component that you might want to see, there's a possibility that others utilizing this website would also get advantage by it. Since individuals utilize our tools in various ways, we can't generally envision the best highlights to include and that is the place your recommendations can be of incredible assistance.