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What is Keywords/Total words ratio ?

SEO curiosity always plan each of their activity. As each step sooner or later concludes our failure or success in online World. So, same approach should be practiced towards each new post. These curiosities search for best keywords that can be ranked for definitely and then resource these to their writers or employees to work on these. There are a set restrictions between Keywords and total words ratio according to Search Engines marvel. A little difference exist between keywords and total words ratio. So, mainly Keywords are in fact those words for which you need your whole content under discussion to rank for. All of the other helpful words like, full content of a post or page or may be article are words. So, this is the only difference which is not a big deal and intricate to understand. Search Engines define a least possible and an extreme limit for your Keywords within any of your content in proportion and that is from (2~3 to 4~4.5) %. If your content respect this edge, your website acquire most of the weightage out of this content. So, always get ready for this big SEO factor.

The Word Count provides the opportunity to the visitors to get best keywords and total words ratio. It’s most probable when you have finished writing some content or keep on editing the content, ratio of Keywords to the Total Words ratio might upsurge or decline. So, to look for each keyword and then count the total words is really a nuisance and anomalous behavior. Isn’t it? To elucidate your delinquent The Word Count have a nice spear that works. Our enchantingly formed tool will tell you quite punctually about the ratio of the Keywords towards the Total Words Ratio for your provided content. You have just paste the content that you need to check for and click on “Calculate Ratio” and that is all done. You will acquire results with accuracy. Ratio on the left side and some instructions on the right hand side, keep an eye on Google algorithm, which really aid The Word Count’s visitors to certainly address the obstacles.