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Backwards Text Generator

The Word Count presented an amazing reverse text generator tool that help in reversing the whole text by only one click. For this purpose you have to enter any text you want reversed and the reverse text generator tool will promptly convert your message into a backwards version of your original text.

The reverse text generator tool will take text like XYZ for instance and reverse the letter order so that it now looks like ZYX. You can be able to copy and paste the text for use on Twitter, Instagram or wherever the fun is.

The person who invented reverse text writing is Leonardo Da Vinci who wrote reverse text in what people call mirror writing style. Mirror writing is when the letters are not just in reverse order so that you have to read them backwards but the positioning of each letter is also altered.

Mirror writing can easily be decrypted by looking at it in a mirror. It’s analogous to the way the word ambulance becomes decipherable if you see the word written on a vehicle in your rear-view mirror.

It’s been hypothesized that Da Vinci wrote in reverse not to hide his written ideas from people as there are better ways for him to encrypt your work but to preclude him from distorting his notes.

The main theory right now is that, as a left hander, Da Vinci initiate writing backwards was the most efficient way to evade spreading his notes. Plus it made him seem attractive and who doesn’t want to seem cool.