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Uppercase To Lowercases

What is Uppercase to lowercase and lowercase to Uppercase Conveter?

Do you any experience of typing out a document, made a few capitalization mistakes and wished you won't have to waste much time editing? It occurs many time, and if you are using a distinctive word processing tool, you will have your mistakes autocorrected as you type, but such software only correct grammatical mistakes. If you have to capitalize on a whole portion, you will require to do it manually that takes time. On the other hand, with an online text converting tool like The Word Count tool, you can easily convert the case of your texts. You have to do copy and paste your text, then select the case you need to convert it to.

The Word Count offers you many SEO tools like Uppercase to Lowercase Tool is one of them. It is an online text Converter that can get lower cases and upper case letters as input and do a text convert on them. The Uppercase to Lowercase Tool takes every upper case letter inputted into the text area and converts all to lower case letters.

Upper case letters or “ALL CAPS” find use in words or phrases a writer need to put emphasis on, in titles on book covers; in advertisements, to high spot a message; in newspaper headlines, and on building commemorations. They also point out short forms in texts. But sometimes, the writer need to convert uppercase to lower case letter in order to make a sense of the sentence.

How to convert to lowercase:

  1. Copy the text you need to convert from the word
  2. Once you have the text copied, open case
  3. Paste the text you copied into the text area given on the screen:
  4. Click on the “lower case” button.
  5. You should have your output in a few seconds.